Sharing your Passions

I love having epiphany moments. Those moments where you really realize something about yourself, or just life in general, are simply wonderful.  I just had one, and I have to write about it.

It has been a very busy weekend.  It wasn’t a weekend off, it was one of my drill weekends and boy was it a packed weekend!  A lot of great stuff happened, and a lot of routine tasks got accomplished.  My brain had very little time to relax….that is until my drive home. I had a genuinely good weekend, and I have frankly been in an awesome mood! Now, this has not been my typical response to a drill weekend lately.  I started to think about why this was.  As my brain started to untie itself, the moment hit me….I said ah ah!

While the root of my past dissatisfaction has been addressed with a change in personnel, it was more than that this weekend.  There was something else…..then BAM, epiphany.  I realized that the extra boost came from a primal urge that I got to satiate this weekend – I got to talk about myself.  More specifically, I got to talk about things that I am passionate about.

I had three main opportunities to talk about things that I am genuinely interested in and passionate about.  Further, the people that I was speaking to seemed genuinely interested about the subject matter.  It was downright exciting and inspirational.

First, I got to speak about being a criminal defense attorney.  To say I am passionate about my role as a defense attorney does not even begin to cover it.

Second,  I got to speak about Women’s History in the Navy.  I was tasked with doing this last night, and spent part of the day preparing to speak on the topic. I became fascinated with it, and was really excited to share the information.  I have always been impressed by female Trail Blazers (Queen Elizabeth I is one of my heroes) and it was very interesting.

Finally, I got to talk about obstacle course racing.  I could tell as I spoke that my eyes were sparkling, my cheeks were getting flushed, and I was really into it.  I started the conversation with one person, and by the time we were done I discussed the matter with no less than six people.  I am pretty sure I convinced at least half of them to sign up for a race.

So, what did I learn?  Sharing your passions can be good for everyone involved.  Using myself as my sole case study study, it is darn good for the person doing the sharing.  Talking about what you love, and getting other people interested in it, does several things.  Passion tends to draw people to you.  Having people drawn to you encourages you to share the positives.  This in turn, consistently reminds you of the positive.  Finally, if you are able to keep people interested in your passions, and even join you in them, you build yourself a support and motivation base.  For example, I spoke so much about racing this weekend, I am darn well going to  have to finish the races I talked about!

It feels good to have people interested in you or the things you do.  It is refreshing and up lifting.  Share your passions whenever possible. 

We all have trials – learn to conquer them like a warrior scholar.

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