I Love Socks

Love is a strong word for socks, I understand that. But love is what I have for my socks.

To clarify, specifically, I love knee socks. I am very tall, and have  long legs, so most of the time they turn out to be mid calf socks.  I still love them.  I have socks for almost every holiday, running socks, bowling…the list goes on and on.


So, what’s with the strange obsession?  My love of socks goes well beyond the actual sock. It’s the way they make me feel.  Depending on the sock, it makes me feel goofy or powerful or fun. 

I will be sitting in court, dressed to the nines, getting ready to question a witness or speak to the judge, and I will remember that I have my bunny rabbit butt socks on. It makes me stop, smile, and relax.  Or, I will start to get tired in the middle of the race, and I will look down at my jingle bell socks and get motivated.

These socks tap into a primal need to express myself and to have fun.  They are a cheap way to treat myself.  They pump up my team when I show them my skull socks and say hey guys, I wore my war socks (last weekend, during a tournament, I wore them the whole weekend…. my student found that to be hilarious!)  It’s a shared laugh between friends and coworkers, when they walk up to me and say ‘hey, what socks are you wearing today?’

Something so simple, something most of us put on every day, makes me extraordinarily happy.  When thinking about writing this post, I decided to set myself a goal.  I am going to make a conscious effort to make sure I take pleasure in every simple thing in life I can. 

If socks can motivate me so much, what else is out there that can help me live everyday to its fullest?  What’s out there that can do the same for you?

We all have trials in life – conquer them like a warrior scholar.

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