The Pain of Change

I changed up my workout two days ago. I made some homemade sandbags, trotted over to the park, and tried all sorts of crazy exercises. I ran with the bags on each shoulder, I did squats holding the bags, I tossed the bags to the kids on the top of the jungle gym and caught them when they threw them back. By the end of the workout I was covered in mud, winded, and giggling like a schoolkid. I felt GREAT!!!!!! I did something new….I made a change.

Then I woke up this morning. Change felt bad…….my muscles feel like they got pummled.

Change….mixing it up…trying something new…starting over….getting booted onto your butt…..however you view change, it, more often then not, causes discomfort, even pain.

This isn’t a bad thing. Pain tells you something. What it tells you is something that you just have to figure out situation to situation.

Change hurts.  In one way or another, it always causes some level of pain.  That doesn’t mean it’s bad.  Pain is the sign of growth.  Growth is never a bad thing… least in the long run. You need to manage the pain and USE it!

Heart hurt from a divorce? Take that as the catalyst for some soul searching.

Pride hurt from a stupid mistake? Keep the memory of the pain so you mever make that mistake again.

Muscles hurt? Make sure you aren’t injured and then relish in getting stronger.

Grow from pain.

We all have trials…..conquer them like a warrior scholar.

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