Even PollyAnna Can Have a Bad Day

My Ruck (See Below)
Yesterday was a 24+ hour type of day. I would love to say I was up, diligently preparing to help the guys out of the death race, but that would be a big fat lie. I was up because the those 24 hours royally sucked. I am aware that this may come off as a woe is me blog, but there is a happy reason I am writing things down.  The reason I have to write it down is partially to remind myself, but also to hopefully remind others, that there’s usually some good things that come out of even the crappiest moments. So, let me tell you about my day.The first part of my day was relatively uneventful. So we’ll move on from there. Things started to go downhill on my home trip from Dallas. Here’s an overview of the chain of events:
  1. Everyone I travel with is flying out of a different section of the airport than I am (Dallas/Fort Worth is HUGE so hopping from terminal to terminal is not very easy). So, I have to hang out by myself. Not horrible, but disappointing.
  2. Take the tram over to my terminal, grab my bag, and get in the elevator with, what I would come to find out , nine other lovely gentleman.  Elevator moves a little bit. Then stops. We soon realize we are stuck in the elevator. Yes, we were stuck in the damn elevator. It took them over 45 minutes to get us out.
  3. After getting out of the elevator, make my way to check in.  Automatic check-in doesn’t work. Strange, but no big deal.  Counter check-in: sorry, but your travel arranger canceled your ticket.
  4. Again, no huge deal. I can make a phone call.  Travel authority on the phone. “Wow, we don’t know what happened but yeah, your ticket is canceled. We will book you on the flight but it’s gonna cost four times as much and we can’t guarantee that it’s going to be approved for reimbursement.” Whatever,  just put it on my company TravelCard.
  5. Company TravelCard declined.
  6. Call TravelCard company. Very nice lady tries to help me out, but doesn’t have the authority to push up my credit limit. So, I have to call a military civilian at 6 PM on a Friday night to have her up my limit.
  7. Call travel authority back….and hour and a half later I am ticketed and start running to my plane.
  8. Land in Chicago 45 minutes late – just in time to miss my connecting flight.
  9. Finally get back to Dayton.  Get to baggage check.  My bag did not arrive.
  10. We were the last flight of the night and by the time I got through the bag process, all the shuttles and cabs were gone for the day.
  11. Start to walk to the parking lot where my car was.  Run into a sign “Construction. Sidewalk Closed. Use parking lot shuttles.”  I think I told an inanimate object to F off.
  12. Walk to my car, dragging my carry on and bag of souvenirs, alone, in the dark, at 230am.
  13. Get in car….huge headache by this time.  Get home at about 6am. (Had to stop and take a nap)
Ok, now that I have whined for 13 steps – let me tell you why all of this is actually pretty great, even though it felt bad at the time.
  1. I got to hang out with some pretty cool people this week.  All but one of them were people I had never met.  Even though there was no chilling at the airport, they are now friends.  Also, if I would have been hanging out with them and wouldn’t have had time to fix all my problems down the road.
  2. First off, I can now say that I have been stuck in an elevator.  It is a hilarious story.  Also, the people I was in the elevator were really damn funny.  We had a strangely good time.
  3. The clerk was really nice.
  4. I can’t come up with anything good that came out of that phone call. Sorry, but I was crying by this time.
  5. At that moment, again, no good was coming from this….yet.
  6. The military civilian was awesome.  She even went so far as to text me to make sure things were working out ok.  Faith in humanity is starting to creep up at this time.
  7. It took forever, but the person helping me at SATO was AMAZING.  Friendly, helpful, funny….he talked me off the ledge.  Paul, I will probably never meet you, but you are a truly wonderful person.
  8. I didn’t actually miss my flight!  The second flight was delayed.  Delays don’t really bother me.
  9. Yeah, bag wasn’t there.  Annoying.  But in the grand scheme of things, I knew I’d eventually get my bag (and I did…it was delivered within 18 hours).  I realize that the fact that I didn’t freak out meant I was keeping things in perspective.
  10. I had pretty much resigned my positive attitude by this time.  I was supremely annoyed but I kept my cool and starting hoofing it.  The fact I can hoof it is a good thing.
  11. I had a vulgar conversation with a sign.  Quite funny now.
  12. I got in a Ruck.  Yes, I am claiming that my walk was really a Ruck.  A short Ruck (.88 miles, see above map), but a Ruck none the less.  GoRuck needs to look at a new WOD – dragging your travel gear behind you through construction zones at 2 in the morning while dressed in civilian clothes.
  13. I got to take a nap and I eventually got home and eventually lost the headache.
So, the long and short of it is that sometimes it is REALLY hard to keep a positive attitude.  Try though.  It is worth it in the long run.
We all have trials…..conquer them like a warrior scholar.

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