Why I Don’t Own a Scale…(and pretentiously yell at my friends who do)

I am going to start this post like a lawyer…I am not a doctor, nurse, nutritionist, etc. I am just a female on a journey to push her body to unknown lengths and run with the big girls (aka – elites) in 2015. This is only my opinion and is not intended as medial advice. Frame of reference, I am about five feet, eleven inches tall and sit around 155 pounds.

I don’t own a scale. I weigh myself only when the Navy orders me to do so. I think for most people the scale is demotivating, unrealistic, and unhealthy.

Here is why:

Numbers freak people out

I can’t tell you how many times I have had friends get discouraged because the number on the scale went up or didn’t change. They’ve put in a ton of work, they can run further and faster then they ever could, they can do more push ups then they knew was possible. They FEEL better then they ever have. But all that good goes out the window when they see that number. They get disheartened and lose motivation. If they didn’t own a scale, that wouldn’t happen to most of them. They could take joy in their accomplishments and celebrate how they feel instead of freaking out on the ups and downs of the numbers.

Who cares what you weigh if you can’t keep up?

I was heavy in high school. I dropped some of the weight and looked decent until about two years ago. I then went through a divorce and because I unfortunately deal with stress and depression by completely loosing my appetite, I dropped down to 110 pounds. In my opinion, I looked gross. I could barely walk up a flight of stairs.

I got through the crud and put weight back on and look better and feel better then I did at 110.

Sitting at about 155 pounds, I now run Spartan Races and any OCR (see here for what the heck that is) I can find. I even ran a darn Ultra Marathon (“RUN” is open to interpretation….I more like hobbled a 50K). I also frolic around the neighborhood wearing weight vests and do burpees for fun. I could NOT have done thia when I was “Skinny”.

Muscle is Heavy

More muscle = more weight. Plain and simple. The number on the scale can’t differentiate between fat and muscle weight. I want muscle, so I will naturally get some more poundage. The scale would tell me that I am “heavy”. Boo on that.

My advice – step way from the scale. The scale is a liar and has an unhealthy single minded focus.

Focus on how you feel, both physically and mentally. Set goals that have nothing to do with the scale and make logical and appropriate steps to meet those goals. Increase mileage, up your weight or reps, shoot to eliminate something like soda…..healthy choices.

If you want to run, jump, swim, and play, you have to eat and sleep and recover – none of which the scale can help you with.

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