Sometimes Negative Motivating Factors Still Get the Job Done


Need some motivation to kick some serious butt during your working?  Try the following…..

  • Have a frustrating day at work.
  • Get into a passive aggressive “whisper yelling” fight over the phone with a co-worker.
  • Rip door handle off your hooch while trying to make the key work.
  • Run into your roommates cabinet, knocking all stuff off the top of it, because you didn’t turn on the light.
  • Be annoyed when your favorite workout pants are dirty.
  • Despite the fact it is rest day, break your trainers rules (shhhhh….don’t tell Chris) decide you MUST workout anyway.
  • Walk the dusty quarter mile to the “meat head gym” (because the gym across the way from your hooch does not have a rowing machine (there is a reason it is nicknamed “Curves”)).
  • Growl to yourself the whole time.
  • Walk into gym, get overly aggravated at the fact they have moved the water bottle cooler.
  • Put headphones in.
  • Turn on music at an impossibly loud level.
  • Row faster than you’ve ever rowed, throwing your body back against the seat until you almost fall off.
  • Growl at rowing machine.
  • Walk outside and see, in all it’s glory, a tractor tire.
  • Flip tractor tire four times.
  • Flip tractor tire four more times.
  • Growl at the tractor tire.
  • Repeat flipping cycle.
  • Listen to the scrawny guy say, “it moves easier if you roll it sideways”
  • Growl at scrawny guy.
  • Repeat flipping cycle.
  • Realize your knuckles are bleeding and your skin is embedded with dirt.
  • Repeat flipping cycle.
  • Watch as a truck tries to park where you are flipping.
  • Growl at truck.
  • Watch as truck moves elsewhere.
  • Repeat flipping cycle.
  • Walk the quarter mile back to your hooch, getting strange glances.
  • Smile the widest smile at everyone who looks terrified of you.
  • Feel a little bit badass.
  • Do Yoga.
  • Purr yourself to sleep – because a good workout fixes almost everything.

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