Twenty-Five Seven

Today’s prompt asks us, if you had an extra hour a day, how would you use it?

On it’s face, it seems like a simple question…..I would guess that most of us instantly think “More time?!? That equals More Productivity!!!  Easy Day!”

But wait….what about all the questions this simple question raises?

This simple prompt sent my brain into overdrive:

  • Does everyone else have this extra hour?
  • Does my boss know I have this extra hour?
  • Does this mean my body needs more sleep?
  • Is an hour enough time to really make any difference?
  • Is doing NOTHING for an hour an option?
  • Yeah, right, like I can do NOTHING…..
  • I could read for an hour….
  • NO, I could write for an hour….
  • NO, I could workout for that hour….
  • Crap, I have a lot I need to get done…..even with that hour….
  • People are going to think I have all this free time on my hands if I keep writing blogs….
  • But I LIKE writing blogs…..
  • It would be cool if I could make a living writing….
  • But I love to teach….
  • OH, I could take an extra class with that hour….
  • Or I could teach an extra class with that hour…
  • Oh, I have to get that teaching application done….
  • Crap, I have to work on that paper..
  • Would an hour help me focus or just make me less focused?
  • Do I over analyze things?
  • Yeah, the fact I have this many questions/comments from one single prompt is evidence that I do over analyze.
  • What else do I over analyze?

I am stopping the documentation of my train of thought now.  I could go on forever.  My over analyzing monkey brain just latches onto these prompts and GOES.

In closing, I know I didn’t answer the prompt question….But I don’t know that I can.  Wait, I can.  I will give the lawyer answer….IT DEPENDS!

Want to join me in the crazy stream of consciousness that these prompts inspire?  Visit the Post A Day/Post a Week Challenges.  Today’s is here:


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