I titled this one word on purpose – it is in hopes that it will catch some of your eyes……pull some focus to a horrible trend that you may not be aware of.

This article punched me in the gut yesterday:  READ/WATCH here  A female Air Force Captain took her own life. There are some indications that something bad happened to her while she was deployed and it was just too much for her. I am not one to cry or show my emotions all that much, but this article made me cry.  I have always been aware of the problem with returning vets and suicide rates, but it took this situation to really pull it into focus for me.

She was obviously professionally skilled, and from all indications, a kind and loved person.  It really hit home.  She is about my age, she’s the same rank, she was even stationed where I just returned from.

Something happened to her that she couldn’t deal with and it breaks my heart.  I fear she felt what a lot of females in the military do (and I am sure men too, but I can only speak from my perspective) – we self impose an internal strength that leads us to deal with our issues on our own.  An idea that we have to be a little stronger and tougher emotionally because we aren’t as physically strong as the guys. If she’d only truly known that it is ok to reach out.  That there are women that understand and are here to talk.

All I can say is suicide is not the answer.  Whether it is mental scars from what you saw in the course of your job, physical wounds that are too hard to cope with, or some other horrible event that happened (*side note, rape is disgusting and if you are in my military and rape anyone, there is a special place in hell for you), there are people out there that can help you.


Getting help is not a weakness.  I know this is a hard thought to overcome (I am the queen of the I can deal with it myself mentality), but it is much better than the alternative. Military females are some of the most bad ass people in the world. We need every single one of them walking this planet to keep things spinning in a good direction.

Social media and in-person friends, do you know someone that you think needs help or do YOU need help?  REACH OUT TO ME.  I am not a counselor and can’t give treatment but I can be an ear to listen or I can get you to someone who can help.  Let’s not lose another soul.


I won’t post my cell here, but here are a few ways to reach me (if you already have my cell, feel free to use it):

Twitter: @legalheaven
Instagram @legalheaven
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