Who Am I?

I have been pondering a blog post about who I am and why I think my blog is worthwhile (aka – answer the question why the heck should I listen to you?).

The writing prompt from WordPress today nudged me in the direction I needed.  The prompt today is “The Satisfaction of a List:  Who doesn’t love a list? So write one! Top five slices of pizza in your town, ten reasons disco will never die, the three secrets to happiness — go silly or go deep, just go list-y.”

So here is a spin on my biography.  Theses are the things that make me who I am, in list form…..

Wait – before you read the list – it is surprisingly hard to summarize your self in a list…try it.  It is fascinating.

  • Friend to a Few
  • Acquaintance to a Ton
  • Fighter for Love
  • Dreamer
  • Adopted Daughter
  • Food Lover
  • Teacher
  • Coach
  • Yoga Practicer (Different from a practitioner….I am not quite at that level yet)
  • Rucker
  • Writer
  • Outside Player
  • Ex-Wife
  • Busy Brain
  • Constant Seeker of Knowledge
  • Motivator
  • Sometimes a Failure
  • Always a Rebounder
  • Reader
  • Binge TV watcher
  • Lover of the Outdoors
  • Naval Officer
  • Cook
  • Attorney
  • Clean Eating Fanatic
  • Adventurer
  • Fearer of Boredom
  • Challenge Accepter
  • TED Talk Obsessor
  • Lover of Random, Useless Knowledge
  • Tutor
  • Want to Be Mother (there are at least two people in my life who are losing their minds if they read this – chillax….)

I am almost positive that I will be updating this list as time goes on.

You can check out the WordPress daily challenge page here:  The Satisfaction of a List

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