Quick Tip For The Day – Smoothie Prep and Yoga Pose

I love fresh and organic food.  I love saving money by buying in bulk.  I love the co-op I belong to who always delivers a crud ton of greens.  I get really annoyed when I don’t eat my food fast enough and it goes bad.  (Insert moment of guilt for my first world gripe)

I only make one or two smoothies a day, I travel a lot, food tends to go bad quickly for me, but I love to save money buying large amounts from local sources.  This really applies to greens.  They are great in smoothies but I hate when they get all slimy.  I had a huge tub of mixed greens that I didn’t want to waste, so after a quick google search I blended them up and froze them.  Success!  I highly recommend it to save time and money!

Thank you to Green Thickies for pointing me in the right direction.  I did not follow their directions to the letter….I just kept stuffing greens in the blender, adding a cup of water, blending, and then repeating until I had no more greens.  Poured in a muffin tin, froze for two days (I totally forgot about them prior to a short trip) and then popped them out and put them in freezer bags.  EASY PEASY!  I tried one this morning with my strawberry banana concoction (I am so bad at following actual recipes) and it worked like a dream and even helped thicken up the mix a bit.


Smoothie Muffins!
Smoothie Muffins!

On a separate note, this week’s yoga pose takes us back to the basics – Downward Facing Dog.  Here is what I look like one day one.  I’ve already done some reading on how to correct my form and I look forward to developing this week.  My personal goal is to get my heels down without losing form.  Check back in a week for my Yoga Pose of the Week summary!

Start of the Week
Start of the Week Progress Photo

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