A Few Of My Favorite Things

In my travels, I have come across a lot of cool people, things, and places.  This post is designed to share all the awesomeness of the things I have fallen in love (or even just “like-like” with).  Show them some love.  They are awesome companies, peoples, and products!

  • Random Fun (nerd) Stuff
    • To-Do List/Motvation:  HabitRGP….Click HERE….A super fun way to tackle lack of motivation and keep to-do’s and habits in line.
    • Postcrossing.com – In the day of email, it really is nice to get a good old fashioned letter.  This site allows you to send and receive postcards from all over the world.  Super fun!!!
    • Bookcrossing.com – Books that travel the world!  This is a great site that allows you to track and release books, sharing them with strangers and seeing where the land.
    • Geocaching.Com – I freaking love Geocaching and no one coordinates it better than this site.
  • Podcasts
  • Teams – If you’ve known me for more than 30 seconds, you know I love racing…Obstacle Racing, Mud Racing, Ultra’s…etc.  Here are the teams that I officially throw my name behind.
  • Physical Training
    • Best.  Trainer.  Ever. – Chris from Tough Training
    • Island Boost – the best fuel you can get.  Tastes great and easy to digest.  AWESOME SAUCE!
  • Mental Training
  • News and information
  • Organizations
  • Food
    • Stur water enhancer. Drink more water.
  • Businesses/Products
    •  Nuts.com – They are just awesome.  Nom.  Nom.  Nom.
    • Amazon.com – As a military member, stationed in the middle of the desert, Amazon.com has been a lifesaver.  Fast shipping, limitless products, and OUTSTANDING customer service make this my go to site.  LOVE LOVE LOVE me my Amazon.

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