Bruks Bars – One of My Favorite Things

I struggle with eating enough every day, mainly because I get busy and forget.  I don’t meal prep well enough.  I have come to terms with this and as one of my strengths is self-awareness, I am not going to pretend I am magically going to shift my whole brain and schedule and instead find a workable solution.

So I decided I needed to keep some quick and easy food on hand, but most of what you find on the shelves of stores is, frankly, crap.  [My definition of crap = can’t understand the ingredients on the list, refined sugars, low to no nutritional value]

Thus began my mission of finding the perfect food to fit the bill.  I have been trying EVERYTHING.  I ask everyone I know….though social media, in person, on blogs I trust.  Someone suggests it, I find it, order it and try it.  It’s been fun.  I am about ten different brands deep in this little quest.  I’ve only found two worth writing about so far.  My front runner for my favorite is the Bruks Bar company. (Sorry, Bruks, I cannot figure out to get the umlaut working on my keyboard…..)

They are Freaking Delicious

I am not going to eat something that doesn’t taste good. That’s just reality.  These taste delicious.  My personal favorite is the Apricot Chocolate.  I even have purchased the subscription of said Apricot Chocolate.  Apple Pecan and Cherry Espresso are also great.  The fourth flavor, Original, is not on my ‘to buy again’ list.  Just didn’t dig the taste.  (I also find it side-splittingly hilarious that they have sweet, tasty names like Apricot Chocolate and Cherry Espresso and then they hit you with “ORIGINAL”.  What the heck flavor is original?)

The Nutrition is Top Notch

Check out their nutrition page.  Take note of what is in the bars, and probably more importantly, NOT in them.  Around 200 calories each and packed with high nutrition value, they make the PERFECT, oh crud it’s 2 and I haven’t eaten yet but I don’t have time to go get something and I forgot to pack something and my energy is plummeting, snack.

The Packaging Is Cute

Yes, this matters to me.  We eat with our eyes first and since this is delivered to me, I love to get cute packages.  (Come on, who doesn’t.)  It is shipped in a hand stamped box and just feels homey and natural.  It appeals to my visual senses.

Good Customer Service

I have had two orders sent to me and both times the shipping was quick and issue free.  The website is easy to use.  I didn’t have to talk to a single person to get my order.  This is all very, very good in my book.


They run about $3 each, after shipping.  Totally, 100% worth it.

This is What They Look Like

Bruks Bars

Try these bars.  Just do it.

***Disclosure – I have not been given any product or discount to write this.  However, they are a “local” company (Anything NC is local to me) and I am a big fan of staying as local as possible.  Yes, I acknowledge the fact that I have them shipped to me makes it a little less local.  Oh well 😉