A few goals….

I have mixed feeling about sharing goals.  I’ve read that it’s both good and bad to share them publicly.

So….I am going to share them here.  Technically, this is a public platform, but hardly anyone (if anyone at all) reads it, so it’s not as public as if I posted on Facebook or even Twitter or IG.

I turn 40 next July 14th.  While I am in no means afraid/worried/stressed/etc. about turning 40 (I truly think I am aging well and each year I seem to be stronger, faster, and healthier), 40 is a big milestone.  So I have been searching for some ways to celebrate.

I’ve decided on a few things:

  1. I am going to complete 25 miles a week running/jogging from now until I am 40.  That will get me to mile 1,172 on my AmeriThon map  (A goals to run across the country.)
  2. Successfully complete a 100 miler before my 40th.  Race to be named.  I am going to find and register after January 1st, once the holiday craze is over.  I did 60 with little to no training so I am hoping with some legit training, I can not only complete but thrive (well as much as one can thrive on an ultra.)
  3. It’s about a month after my 40th, I want to crush (and by crush I mean finish with time to spare) the 29029 in Utah in August.  I made a really bit investment on this one.  Even though it is a ton of $$$$, I needed that to light my fire.  It’s really made me focus on care about goals 1 & 2.

So those are some goals of mine.  They are very fitness oriented and they are very endurance focused and very on my own events.  My heart calls and my soul thirsts for this.  I can’t wait to be alone in the dark, crying because everything hurts, questioning whether I can do it, and still push myself through to the other side.